charity: water

So, it’s probably no secret that the blogosphere is completely new for me and I’m still trying to figure everything out.

Well today I was playing around with widgets and page layout and found this widget called Social  Vibe.  See it to the right over there?

By posting this badge (and getting you guys to click on it), Dove (the sponsor I chose) will donate money to this charity.

charity : water is a non-profit that helps bring clean drinking water to people in developing nations.  To learn more about it click here.

To help the cause, click on the link in the badge.  It’s completely free.  What happens is a window pops up and asks you to complete an activity, which sounds like those lame “get a free ipod” gags, but it’s not.  An ad for Dove plays while you answer a question.  Once you ‘complete activity’ you have the option of doing another.

I’m also toying around with the idea of doing some pledge-based giving.  It would involve people going to the website and pledging X amount of money per blog entry, or baked good, or what have you – I’m not done researching it yet.  Anyway, give a shout if it’s something you’d be willing to consider.


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